SPECIAL REPORT: Landmines in the Landscape - Vendors & PHI Exposure

Many healthcare data breaches are caused by a “landmine”, an unknown lack of security protocol within a business partner’s system.  Personal health and financial information travels on long and complex paths across many businesses involved in servicing patients or health plan members.   

Information is often at a higher risk of data breach as it is stored on the systems of the third-party vendors or Business Associates. 

This report presents CORL Technologies’ detailed look across the landscapes of health delivery systems and payor networks.  Data is examined from more than a thousand vendors who service health plans and payor networks to identify the most prominent data security risk factors. 

This report includes the following analysis of vendor data security in the healthcare industry:

  1. Top Four Trends Underlying Increased Vendor Security Risk – Including proprietary analysis from CORL’s database sampling of 1,000+ vendors servicing health industry clients.
  2. Field Guide to Setting Up a Vendor Data Risk Management Program – An outline of CORL’s proprietary approach to establishing controls with Business Associates to reduce overall data risk.

Download the full report.