CORL Solution

CORL will identify and risk rank your entire vendor population using our database of over 40,000 vendors. The data will include the following:

  • Size, geographic locations, age of the company, types of services and products provided, and our client’s unique relationship with the Vendor.
  • This information also includes intelligence that CORL collects about various sectors in the industry. For example, the CORL data will identify sectors that present a high risk, such as EHR, medical coding and transcription companies.

"Doing vendor security risk management in-house did not work well for us. It was too difficult trying to sift numerous questionnaires at such a fast pace. CORL was able to profile vendors and assessments quickly and efficiently, beyond belief. Plus, they are extremely detailed in their methodology, so we are getting both volume and quality."

- Southern safety net community hospital


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