What Are Our Clients Saying?

We are proud of our client relationships! And we're especially proud to share the observations of those who know best what it's like to work with CORL Technologies.

"CORL provides exceptional value for the guys in the trenches. We don’t have enough hours in the day. We have a lot on our plates and vendor security risk management is not our full focus. CORL is key to our organization’s requirement by the BCBS Association and we couldn’t get it done without CORL – we need that expertise man-power and help."

- Large Midwest payor, part of nationwide payor network

“Having CORL as an extension of our team to chase down vendors and get the responses and information has been a huge help to our organization. We know we’re going to get everything we need delivered right from CORL, and we don’t have to start from scratch with every single vendor.”

- Large Northeast Payor, Part of Nationwide Payor Network

“We received some pretty awesome information from the CORL vendor reports. In addition, communication from the CORL Team was great, and they delivered much more than we expected.”

- Business Associate of the Provider Community

“CORL’s client engagement process is awesome. Our CORL representative has been very professional, patient, and communicative, making the process much smoother than expected.”

- Mid-sized Midwest Provider 

“The CORL reports have provided us with eye-openers to risk, helping us better understand the challenges involved in managing 3rd party security. CORL provides us with exactly what we need, and we are happy with the results.”

- Large National Award-winning Provider

“Our CORL representative’s correspondence and depth of work has been exceptional. Research backed findings were spot-on about key vendors within our organization. CORL is definitely worth the value!”

- Large Regional Northeast Payor

“CORL’s process has proven to be beneficial time and time again. Having a 3rd validate our findings has given us optimum credibility throughout this entire project.”

- Southern Safety Net Community Hospital

“CORL is very professional and works quicker than we can keep up. The service you provide has been invaluable to our team.”

- Large Midwest Payor, Part of Nationwide Payor Network