Why VendorSecurityRM

Why Vendor Security

Your organization is ultimately responsible for safeguarding Protected Health Information. Performing due diligence on vendors who will have access to your patient’s PHI is critical. There are significant penalties associated with breaches of PHI, including fines for non-compliance, the costs of notification in the event of a breach of PHI, and the potential for reputational damage.

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Our Solution

VendorSecurityRM Solutions

VendorSecurityRM is an innovative 4-step approach to efficient and cost-effective Vendor Security Risk Management. We proactively monitor the security risk profile of hundreds of vendors and will notify you if we identify any concerns that you should know about.

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Vendor / Product Reports

Vendor Risk Assessment Reports

Profile your vendors and their products with in-depth, cost-effective reporting so you can decide before you buy. Reports are generated within 48 hours of submitting a request.

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Vendor Risk Management vs Vendor Security Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management (VRM) typically focuses on elements such as financial risk, legal risk, supply chain risk, etc. VRM is not focused on information security risk and does little to tell you about a vendor’s ability to protect your confidential information.

Corl’s VSRM service fills this gap with an objective security analysis of your existing and prospective vendors. Corl provides you with a level of confidence in the ability of a vendor to protect your organization’s confidential information.

Vendor Risk Management vs Security Risk Management

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Vendor SecurityRM is a subscription based service that gives you access to custom reports on vendors serving the healthcare industry. Corl’s vendor confidence score informs you at a glance just how much confidence you can have in a vendor’s ability to protect your organization’s confidential information.